MONOiD: Installation. [MONOiD]


Move the file monoid-2.4.tgz into the directory $GAPHOME/pkg where your GAP packages reside. The UNIX commands gunzip and tar will unpack the files listed in point 3 above into a new subdirectory monoid. For example, if your gap packages normally are stored in the directory /home/gap/pkg then the following sequence of commands will unpack MONOiD into the directory /home/gap/pkg/monoid.
   goetz@schmidt> mv monoid-2.4.tgz /home/gap/pkg
   goetz@schmidt> cd /home/gap/pkg
   goetz@schmidt> gunzip < monoid-2.4.tgz | tar xvf -
In order to have the MONOiD functions available in a GAP session you can now load them by issuing the command
   gap> RequirePackage("monoid");
in the GAP session.