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Götz Pfeiffer,

Character Tables of Weyl Groups in GAP.

Bayreuth. Math. Schr. 47 (1994), 165-222.


The character tables of symmetric groups were already known to Frobenius. Meanwhile many people have contributed to the representation theory of symmetric groups and related topics. A self contained overview of the theory is given in the book Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group by James and Kerber. We will use this book as a guideline for an implementation of the character tables of the series of Weyl groups of type A, B, and D and some related groups. We will also prove two theorems about character values of wreath products with symmetric groups and Weyl groups of type D. For the exceptional Weyl groups of type G2, F4, E6, E7 or E8 we will identify the characters as they are stored in the GAP library with their labels in Carter's book Finite Groups of Lie Type: Conjugacy Classes and Complex Characters.

Available as DVI (140 kB) and as compressed PostScript file.

This text is also available in a form which contains the definitions of all functions described in there and which can be used as input file for GAP. The awk script xpl2tex converts this file into LaTeX input.

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