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Götz Pfeiffer,

Counting Transitive Relations.

J. Integer Seq. 7 (2004), no. 3, Article 04.3.2, 11 pages. (electronic).


In order to count partial orders on a set of n points, it seems necessary to explicitly construct a representative of every isomorphism type. While that is done, one might as well determine their automorphism groups. In this note it is shown how several other types of binary relations can be counted, based on an explicit enumeration of the partial orders and their automorphism groups. A partial order is a transitive, reflexive, and antisymmetric binary relation. Here we determine the number of quasi-orders q(n) (or finite topologies or transitive digraphs or transitive reflexive relations), the number of "soft" orders s(t) (or transitive antisymmetric relations), and the number of transitive relations t(n) on n points in terms of numbers of partial orders with a given automorphism group.

Available as DVI file (85 kB) plus a figure (5 kB), as pdf file (163 kB) and as compressed PostScript (151 kB) file.

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